About Us

SAS Limited was established in 1978, self-financed, principally offering roofing and cladding services to the public and the construction industry. Based in Essex, the company rapidly developed and began to branch out into different areas, striving to offer quality services at an economic price.

The management team were particularly interested in specialised areas of the industry and soon became one of the foremost contractors in Essex, providing adaptions to properties for the elderly and the disabled. Working for local authorities, housing associations and charities, the works ranged from major building adaptation to level entry shower systems, stair lifts and ramps with project values of £2,000 – £250,000.

At this time, self storage was relatively unknown in the UK, although it was a multi-million dollar industry in the US. SAS quickly recognised the advantages that self storage offered over traditional storageand was ready when the industry hit the UK.

Due to the diverse range of services offered, SAS found it was ideally suited to the total refurbishment projects that self storage building conversion required and could offer ‘turn-key’ solutions. From design to completion, facility owners could ease the headache of trying to control and schedule many seperate contractors and leave their projects in the safe hands of SAS.

As the self storage boom in the UK began, SAS European Storage Solutions was created as a division of the original company. With many projects under their belts, they became one of the first ‘suppliers’ to become members of the UK Self Storage Association. Having been in the industry since its beginnings in the UK, they had experience and knowledge that was invaluable.

Dissatisfied with the existing self storage partitoning systems on the market, SAS decided to design and manufacture their own. Unlike the existing ‘profiled cladding’ systems they designed a ‘flat-panelled’ system, which was more attractive and provided more strength and rigidity. They also designed locker systems, which were ideal for providing storage in areas where it was not practical or desirable to build partitioning.

To complete their range of services, SAS became the European authorised distributor for Sentinel Systems Corporation’s access control system This sturdy and reliable combination of keypads, card readers and unit alarms gives superb security and tenant control, interfacing with all the major facility management software packaages. As the capacity for self storage began to reach its peak in the UK, facility owners began to look further afield, obviously taking their preferred contractor with them. Since the late ’90s SAS has completed projects throughout mainland Europe, including sites in Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Paris and Madrid. Working with Italian, French and Spanish operators and contractors brought unique challenges to the management team, which it met and surpassed.

In the early days of the industry, clients had little choice as to where to store their goods. However, as more self storage facilities are built, the public do have a choice and without doubt they will look for quality and this is something SAS can definitely guarantee on all their contracts.