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Are you looking for a company that does Roofing and cladding in Oxfordshire? SAS Projects is the ideal company for your Roofing and cladding project in Oxfordshire. We have many years experience in Roofing and cladding and other services in Oxfordshire. Our highly skilled team can provide a trusted services including project management and delivery.

We have been serving companies and delivering projects in and around Oxfordshire for over 10 years and have becuase a trusted and respected partner on many projects. Our Roofing and cladding team have the experience, knowledge and skill to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Roofing and cladding  in Oxfordshire Roofing and cladding  in Oxfordshire Roofing and cladding  in Oxfordshire Roofing and cladding  in Oxfordshire Roofing and cladding  in Oxfordshire

This is what it is

Every structure needs a roof to keep it watertight and safe from the elements. An experienced contractor is able to provide a variety of roofing services including re-roofing, re-tiled, pointing, flat roofing, over roofing and pitch roofing. Whether an entirely new roof news to be fitted, or repairs are to be made to an existing structure, a competent roofing company will be able to ensure that your roof keeps the weather out and the heat in.

Roof cladding is used in order to give your roof a weatherproof layer. As well as the protection aspect of roof cladding, it is also used to provide a decorative element to your commercial building.

There are a variety of materials available, but metal cladding is a common option. It is available in a variety of different styles and colours. Metal cladding is very flexible, which means it can be used in all kinds of architectural designs, including difficult ones such as curved roofs.

Plastic and fibreglass cladding is another option that is suitable for roofing. It works well, is cost effective and is available in a range of styles and colours.

This is what we provide

With over 20 years experience in all types of roofing and cladding, we can offer an expert, efficient and cost effective service. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a full service solution. Whether it be flat roofing, pitch roofing, re-roofing or over roofing, we can assist with all of these, as well as your cladding requirements throughout the UK.

Our reputation has been built through our ability to provide a highly specialised service that is presented in a timely and professional manner. Our team consists of fully trained, skilled and experienced roofers, who you can trust in completing all work to the highest of standards.

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