Working with our clients, we supply high quality security packages to suit all requirements and budgets. Our security cameras and access control systems are tailor made for each individual storage facility, insuring the CCTV covers all important areas including every aisle, all entrances and exists, and all external areas.

Our access control and individual door alarms all improve the security of your storage facility, the well-being of your staff, and the peace of mind of your customers that their goods are safe. The system itself is easy to use. You are able to control who comes in and out, lock out late payers, and control the roller doors and gate access all at the press of a button.

Self Storage Owners and Operators leverage technology to automate the processes involved in operating, controlling and monitoring today’s modern Self Storage Facilities. A properly designed facility can enjoy a much higher return on investment, lower churn and better, more consistent cash flow and operating profit.

Requirements differ for many reasons including local demographics, targeted client Tenants, targeted stored items and competition. In some cases, a single entry and exit keypad is adequate. In others, the additional security of a dual entry “air lock” environment is more appropriate. Some feature Keypad Zone/Area controls creating segregated Facility Sections. Keypad Controls and Elevator Controls allow only those tenants who have Units and privileges to enter these controlled Facility Sections. In addition, widely utilized Unit Monitoring and Alarming either by installed controls or individual, rentable Alarm products in combination with one or more of the above technologies provides each Facility with the Security it requires.

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